Wild Pitch

Recently with the high demand of people on the road traveling, certain companies have raised their prices. One of which is Uber, a neo-taxi service company. Such price hikes would obviously draw some complaints. One such complaint from an Uber

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Mental Error Monday

Now that the college football season is over and the final CFP rankings are in there was some obvious winners and losers. If you don’t know, here is what the final college football playoff rankings look like. As we can

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Mental Error Monday

The Major League Baseball season is over, the San Fransisco Giants won their 3rd World Series championship in 5 years, however there is still baseball being played. Recently, as not too many people know, a team comprised of MLB all-stars

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Mental Error Monday

There is many reasons why the Oakland Raiders have only won a handful of games over the past three seasons. One being their owner Al Davis and the front office personnel. Just look at the draft picks they have selected

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Mental Error Monday

The 2014-2015 NBA season has just tipped off and we have already seen so much. We’ve seen the prodigal son, Lebron James, return home to Cleveland. We’ve seen the Lakers start off the season playing the worst basketball known to

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Why Cheerleaders?

  I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this, but I have to make this point. Does anyone else out there wonder what is the point of Cheerleaders at professional sporting events, mainly football and basketball, like

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Mental Error Monday

So I was watching college football this past Saturday like any true American in the South would be doing on their Saturday and I saw this play happen in the Oregon/Utah game. On the first play of the second quarter

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